About Us

Blink Web Services exists to see the vision of companies realized through astute marketing and technology.

Blink Web Services is a division of Blink Tech Solutions. Since 2016, Blink Tech Solutions has served thousands of professionals and tens of thousands of their clients and students.

Eric DeGrove - Founder, Developer, Consultant

Eric’s experience and education spans several industries and continents. He has founded four companies, as well as worked for non-profit organizations

Eric started his career in marketing analytics while pursuing graduate work in Sociology. Soon after, he work in Information Technology, including telecommunications and server implementation.

Eric's passion to create lead him to software development. Having developed dozens of websites and web apps, he a true expert in all things web.

He is also an expert in branding and marketing strategy. He has seen success both in nonprofit fundraising and bringing products and services to market.

Eric holds a Masters degree in history and also completed graduate work in and a B.A. in Sociology from the University of North Texas. He resides in Colorado Springs, CO with his wife and three children. In his free time he enjoys playing music (jazz), carpentry, and watching football and basketball.

Tim Brokopp - Sales, Consultant

Tim has spent over two decades helping organizations thrive. As co-founder and executive director of operations for Amoveo Group, Tim oversees the million-dollar operating budget, implementing policy and strategy in Amoveo’s project locations in eight countries around the globe.