Outsourced Chief Technology Officer

Gain the Expertise of a Chief Technology Officer Without the Cost. With Our Outsourced CTO Service, we Help Companies Navigate Technology Decisions for Optimal ROI and Efficiency.

What is a CTO?

In short, a CTO responsible for an organizations technology needs. Since organizations technology needs vary greatly, what CTOs do varies. Some companies have a large number of employees who all need computers, phones, and other devices. Others have large software or data housing needs. And still, need custom software or integrations to be built.

Think of a Blink Outsourced CTO like a CPA for your technology. Today, even small companies are completely dependent on software and computers. Even restaurants quickly grind to a halt when their point-of-sale system is down.

You don't do your companies taxes, do you? Would you represent yourself in a lawsuit? No! You need experts to avoid losing huge sums of money and headache. You need the skill set of a CTO, but you probably don't need a CTO employee.

Our CTO Focus

At Blink Web Services, we provide CTO services to small and mid-sized companies where technology needs are mostly software implementation and or development.

Why Outsourced

Most small and mid-sized businesses simply don't need a full-time CTO. Modern cloud infrastructures have greatly reduced the number of servers companies need to maintain. In the 90's if you needed email, you had to host your own server. In the, "old days", the internet wasn't reliable enough to depend on all day ever day. You needed files and data storage at your office in case it when down. That has all changed.

Today, besides personal computers, phones, and printers, most CTO decisions revolve around which cloud software to use and how to implement it. The focus is less on making sure things are running and more on ensuring the best mix of software solutions.

All this is good news, because outsourcing means you can get the expertise you need at a fraction of the cost.

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